Thursday, 28 July 2011

Anniversary Card

Cream sqaure Card Blank
Joanna Sheen Dancing with Shadows
Black polka Dot satin ribbom
Flower shapes
Black peel offs

Wedding Save The Date Version 3

Black Card
White Card
Backing Paper

Cut a piece of black card in an oblong so when it is folded in half it makes a square,
Cut a peice of white card in the same way then fold each piece in half.
cut across from one side to the other on  each card.
Lay one card on top of the other so you have an cut of front on each side.
 glue so when the card is closed the white card lays over the top of the black,
Cut a piece of backing paper and stick inside,
you can then leave this and deorated to make a card or glue along the bottom and each side to form a pocket, if you are doing this make a card to fit inside the pocket.

Wedding Save the date version 2

This one is made made using white card,
satin ribbon
bouquet topper
glitter card

I measured an oblong piece of white card and folded it in half and glued up each side and along the bottom to make a pocket, I then used a large circle punch to punch out the half circle, put a piece of satin ribbon all round the pocket and put a bouquet topper on the top to hide the ribbon join.

Cut a piece of glitter card to fit in the pocket making sure it finishes at the top of the pocket, print out your message on some paper cut and put on the glitter card.
Tuck finished card into pocket.

Wedding save the date samples

This one is made in a cheque book style.
I used lace patterned card and measured it to a cheque book size and cut a back and a front,
I then took some thing white card and measured half an inche in then perforated down the short side.
Threaded a peice of blue satin ribbon through the holes, printed out the couples names, stuck that on the front of the card and put small peel off dots in the middle of each flower.