Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Calendar Gift

This is the Christmas Calendar I made, it has a notelet in the pocket and will also have a packet of flower seeds in there for the person who recieves it to plant in there garden as a nice friendly reminder.

Charity Cards

Just 3 of the cards I made for Wood Green Animal shelter.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Surfs up Birthday card

Made this card for my son who is a keen surfboarder.

I printed it from Cards Creations Sue Jansons You're Never Too Old.
I made it on yellow card so it looked like sand then cut the sentment out and attached it with foam pads so the surf board stood proud

October 25th

Haven't been in for a long time as have been ill and feeling very down.

Not been crafting but have just started again now my mojo has come back.

Have just one more unit to do then I have finished the CQC course, Have signed up for 2 more courses one in Arts and Carfts and one in Managing Depression once finishe I could go on to another course to become a depression practitioner.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Anniversary Card

Cream sqaure Card Blank
Joanna Sheen Dancing with Shadows
Black polka Dot satin ribbom
Flower shapes
Black peel offs

Wedding Save The Date Version 3

Black Card
White Card
Backing Paper

Cut a piece of black card in an oblong so when it is folded in half it makes a square,
Cut a peice of white card in the same way then fold each piece in half.
cut across from one side to the other on  each card.
Lay one card on top of the other so you have an cut of front on each side.
 glue so when the card is closed the white card lays over the top of the black,
Cut a piece of backing paper and stick inside,
you can then leave this and deorated to make a card or glue along the bottom and each side to form a pocket, if you are doing this make a card to fit inside the pocket.

Wedding Save the date version 2

This one is made made using white card,
satin ribbon
bouquet topper
glitter card

I measured an oblong piece of white card and folded it in half and glued up each side and along the bottom to make a pocket, I then used a large circle punch to punch out the half circle, put a piece of satin ribbon all round the pocket and put a bouquet topper on the top to hide the ribbon join.

Cut a piece of glitter card to fit in the pocket making sure it finishes at the top of the pocket, print out your message on some paper cut and put on the glitter card.
Tuck finished card into pocket.

Wedding save the date samples

This one is made in a cheque book style.
I used lace patterned card and measured it to a cheque book size and cut a back and a front,
I then took some thing white card and measured half an inche in then perforated down the short side.
Threaded a peice of blue satin ribbon through the holes, printed out the couples names, stuck that on the front of the card and put small peel off dots in the middle of each flower.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Birthday Card

This is a domed birthday card, I decoupaged inside the dome and added shiny buterflies on the back and front of the card.

May 1st 2011

Well it is a long time since I was here but haven't been well.
I have just come back from a lovely holiday staying with my my Sister in Law at her home in Spain, it has done me good and I now feel ready for any thing again.

I am hoping to start doing my course again and think I will do the scrapbook unit this time.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Mothers Day Card

I used a large and a small felt flowers putting the smaller one inside the large.


The inside folds out.

Humour card

This was for a challenge, theme Humour.

Bithday card

I used a small doiley and deflex decoupage flowers and butterfly, I cut round the base card with fancy scissors, added statin ribbon and a deflex sentiment

Sunday, 20 March 2011

I made this for my neighbours daughters birthday.
I used wrapping paper on the card then decoupage the teddy and food, used white and silver peel offs to edge, felt flowers at each corner.
A Book mark for another challenge

A waterfall ATC for my course the theme was yellow

20th March

An ATC I did for an Orential challenge.
I covered the ATC card with the dark patterned paper then layered that with the boarder paper, I then rolled the scroll up at the top and bottom

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Made this with hand made paper for the sea , tissue and crepe paper for the sea weed, plastic thread on the fish.
Another card for my course.

9TH March 20011

Eldest son took me to see X Factor Live in London on Sunday it was great, they were all very good even Wagner wasn't so bad.

Thought Spring had arrived Monday but the last 2 days haven't been all that good and today we have had spots of rain. It has turned really dark now so expect we are going to get a heavy shower soon.

Had made all 3 projects for my unit now only have to do the write up.

Must get my swaps done soon or time will have run out.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Saturday March 5th 2011

I entered this card in a Valentines Day competition on A Crafters Heaven.  All members gave each card entered a vote and I can't believe I won.

Am going to add this one to my unit 3 towards my qualification

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tuesday 1st March

Have made 2 more cards towards unit 3 just one more to make then it is sitting and doing the recipe cards.

Had to take Max to the vets as his blood sugar curve was high so he has been given different insulin to try.

Have put up the Valentines cards on my Ebay crafting group for them to be voted on, the winning card will receive a prize, haven't got it yet so must get to the shops some time and buy some thing nice.

Monday, 28 February 2011

28th Feb Monday

Cold out today so after have done the dg duties think it will be a crafting time. Mustn't put the tv on or it will some how switch it's self on to Create and Craft then my fingers will start too twitch and I will end up buying stuff, am exploding out of the house and school room already, hubby will have a fit if I buy any more.

Hope to get a few cards and a book mark done today as hand isn't as painful and I might just be able to get the splint off for a short while.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday 27th Feb

Have crafters block, have several cards to make for birthdays and qualification course and I just can't get past the fog.

Will have to look at pics of cards I have made before and see if they can get the juices flowing.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Anniversary pages for an Anniversay book

My Group are doing Anniversary page swaps , by the end we should have a book with all the years and what the gift should be.

22nd Feb 2011

Had a call from my youngest son Nathan to say that they had arrived in Cornwall at 7.30 pm yesterday, an 8 hour drive from where we live, said he was knackered.  When his college mates booked the holiday they didn't go into how far it was from here.

Have a mental block on what to do for the next unit of the course, think I will have to have a look through some of my books for ideas.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday 20th Feb 2011

Am pleased to say I have passed unit 1 of the papercraft qualifaction so can now go onto the next unit.

Spent yesterday doing some swaps for A Crafters Heaven, the bin is full and the air was blue but I have now done them and am quite pleased with the results.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Wet Saturday 19th Feb

Pouring with rain so got wet through getting the hens and cocks out of their coops and seeing to their food and water.

Hubby and some of his mates have gone off sea fishing today, didn't think they would go but they said you can't get drips wet, lol.

Quick tidy up and wash the clothes youngest son wants to take on Holiday on Monday then it is crafting, crafting, crafting for me today, yipee.

Have a few challenges to get done so am hoping the brain will start working with some ideas.
One I set and I am really stumped as to what to do, lol.

Friday 18th Feb

Well what a day yesterday every thing I tried to make went into the bin, nothing went as planned, argh!

Have to do my course work and have a mental block also have several challenge swaps to get done before the end of the month as well as some birthday cards.

I had promised myself this year each day I would make a birthday card and hristmas card so I wasn't panicking like other years but haven't managed it yet.

Hubby going sea fishing tomorrow so will have the day to lock myself in my craft room and craft away until the cows come in.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thursday 17th Feb 2011

I feel so down today as yesterday I had to have my beloved pet rock dove put too sleep as he had a brain tumor and he wasn't responding to the treatment this time, last time it strunk it for 6 weeks. He was an in door pet and very tame, used to sit on your head and chirp away. I had recused him as a baby when he had been hit by a car, unfortuately by the time he was well agin he was nearly a year old so couldn't be let free. He was 6 years old.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Well it is Valentines day and hubby has just come home during his lunch break with a card.
He gave me this lovely jewellery set made by our talented son.

I have just sent these ATCs off for a swap on an ATC group, the theme was Toy town.

As you can see I am a fan of Noddy, think I have all the books from my own childhood and my own boys loved the stories as well when they were younger.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunday 13th February

Well this is my first time of having a blog not sure what I am doing at the moment as not very good with computers.

I have started on a qualification in paper craft, I have just had my first review on unit 1, has gone better than I thought it would.

Here are the projects I have submitted.

My first attempt at parchment craft.
This is a book mark card, the parchment design is on the back of the weaved section, the main panel was put through a cuttlebug then chalked.

This was an ATC swap with the other students on the course, The theme was Fairies.
 I printed it from the Crafters Companion Fairies in the Garden cd, I made a matching envelope to just finsh it off.

This one I embriodered the flowers and chalked the card.

Over all I am pleased how they all turned out.